Weekly-Inn Minami Fukuoka


Usage guide

Usage guide


guests can check-in from 3:00pm. to 10:00pm.
* Please call us in advance if you plan to arrive outside of these hours. There might be cases in which we would not be able to provide accomodation otherwise.

Things to have ready when checking-in

・Accomodation fee
・Security deposit (monthly plan only)

2.Proof of identity of representative guest (over 6 nights only)
(Driver’s license, passport, insurance card, etc.)

3.Passport in the case of non-resident foreigners


Check-out should be completed before 11:00am. Guests wishing to extend their stay should contact us beforehand.
Reception is open from 10:00am until 10:00pm. Guests wishing to check out before those times should leave their keys at the designated place before leaving.


We charge a cancellation fee in the following cases.

For standard fares or 3-night plans

Previous day Same day No-show
50% 80% 100%

For weekly plans or monthly plans

2-7 days before Previous day Same day No-show
1 night 2 nights 3 nights 3 nights

Moreover, cancellations or changes in any of the following cases should be notified at least 8 days in advance. For any cancellations made after this period, we will charge the cancelled portion of reserved days as cancellation fee.

・Peak seasons (Golden Week, Obon, New Year)
・Guest coming in groups (occupying more than 5 rooms at the same time)
・Guests making payments through companies

Please contact Reception if you need to shorten your scheduled stay for whatever reason.

About ID confirmation

We will require a copy of some ID document from all our guests (driver’s license, health insurance card, certificate of residence, etc.) We might refuse service if the guest is no able to provide proof of ID.
*In the case of non-resident foreigners, we request a copy of their passport.


Payments should be made in advance at the time of check-in. We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Master Card, JCB, AMEX) and PayPay. Security deposits should be made in cash only.

Loss or damage of furniture, equipment, etc.

Guests should pay any expenses caused by loss of furnishings, as well as any damages inside the rooms or within our facilities caused by the guest’s mistakes or negligence.


We reserve the right to cancel the contract and request the guest to leave our facilities immediately in any of the following cases.

1.Using our facilities for any other purposes other than habitation.
2.If the guest arbitrarily wants to use our facilities in order to change his registered residence or to obtain a parking certificate.
3.Using our facilities to carry out organized crime, adult-entertaiment businesses, or any other acts that might damage public morals or security and cause nuisance in the neighborhood.
4.Bringing or raising pets in the rooms (except for especially designated assistance dogs for persons with disabilities).
5.Use of the rooms by more guests than the number agreed in the contract.
6.Bringing into the rooms people other than the original applicant and any other registered guests.
7.Smoking on the beds, tampering with the fire-prevention systems, or non-abiding to any other acts considered as prohibited by our company.


Our company will not bear any responsibility whatsoever in cases of theft in the parking areas and laundry rooms, or any other possible troubles or nuisances, etc.